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•  Enhancing Performance  •  Improving Endurance  •  Discovering Success  •

Our Competitive Program prepares athletes that are interest in competitive/high performance training and competing at several inter-provincial competitions.  These swimmers focus on fostering physical, mental and emotional skills that allow synchronized swimmers to adapt to any situation both in and out of the pool.  These skills include:  advanced technical and artistic synchronized swimming skills, competition preparations, visualization, increased responsibility, and teamwork.  Our certified coaches are an excellent team of former Synchro PEI Provincial and National Stream athletes; that have experience competing and coaching at provincial, inter-provincial, national meets as well as the Winter Canada Games.

The Competitive Program practices consist of varying schedules based on the age group of the athletes.  These schedules are susceptible to change on a season-by-season basis;  2018-2019 schedules will be announced later this summer.  The program runs from September until May.  This program is recommended for athletes that have completed the Pre-Competitive & Advanced Recreation Program, or have competed at the provincial level as a synchronized swimmer in another province and are new to Prince Edward Island.  Registration for the 2018-2019 season will begin late August/early September 2018.  If your swimmer would like to join the Competitive Program's 2018-2019 season, please on contact Gina MacLeod for further information.


Are you interested in our Competitive Program?  Do you have questions?

Contact Gina MacLeod for registration details or any inquiries.

Gina MacLeod