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Paving the Path to a Brighter Future

This Dynamic Duo is set to begin their adventure into adulthood as they graduate from high school this coming June. It is with honour and sadness that these two athletes have announced their retirement from the sport of synchronized swimming. Mackenzie Williams, 18 (left), and Chloe Flynn, 17 (right), have been a part of Synchro PEI and the Charlottetown Naiads' provincial stream competitive program for over 7 and 10 years, respectively. Both swimmers have shown immense amount of dedication and passion for the sport, and have worked countless hours towards improving their abilities and managing their time. This Fall, they will begin their journey into the University of Prince Edward Island's Bachelor of Nursing Program. The duet will continue to work together throughout their post-secondary education as they always have.

Chloe and Mackenzie are the definition of the Synchro family. When time gives you endless amounts of bonding opportunities and friendships, you tend to forget how quickly or slowly your time together is. You don't realize how close you become until you really think about it. I hope that these two remain as tight-knit during this next segment of their lives as they did growing together with their time at Synchro PEI.

Not all is lost though. Both athletes have expressed interest in coaching with us next season. Hopefully, they can pass along their experiences and their passions to younger athletes that want to achieve what Chloe and Mackenzie have and more. It was a pleasure to coach both of you throughout your experience over the years. You've become a part of my Synchro family, and you'll be a part of that family forever.

Mackenzie Williams & Chloe Flynn

Mackenzie Williams (Left) & Chloe Flynn (Right)

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